Adding Site Filters to DMS Reports with Sitecore 6.5

DMS does not have a Site Filter for multi site enviornments in the latest version of Sitecore 6.5 but I found adding one is quite easy so here is a little tutorial.

Step 1 Create a Filter

  • Browse to /sitecore/system/Marketing Center/Analytics Filters/Report Filters.
  • Insert a new ‘Filter’ named Site.
  • Set the Type to ‘Sitecore.Analytics.Reports.Filters.ValueListFilter, Sitecore.Analytics’
  • Set the ColumnName to ‘MultiSite’

Step 2 Add Filter Values

Select your new new ‘Site’ Filter and insert two new ‘Predefined Filter Values’ name them ‘website’ and ‘site2’ and set their values accordingly.

Step 3  Add the Filters to each Report

  • Browse to the reports in /sitecore/system/Settings/Analytics/Reports SQL Queries.  ( for this example I used ‘Latest Visits’ )
  • Add the column [Visits].[MultiSite] to the SQL fields.
  • Add the new ‘Site’ filter to the Filter field.

Step 4 Go Test the filter on your report

  • Open the Report from the ‘Engagement Analytics’ Menu Option.
  • Test your new filter with the Filter Button up top.